The Slugs & Bugs Show (Season 2) Volume 1

The Slugs & Bugs Show (Season 2) Volume 1

The Slugs & Bugs Show is back with new episodes! Join musician Randall Goodgame and friends as they embark on new adventures.

In “Justice for All” the characters discover injustice and work toward equity. “Friends in the Journey” tells a fun story of a community coming together.

The Slugs & Bugs Show (Season 2) Volume 1

2 Videos

  • Justice for All

    After Sparky is elected as Project Manager of the Wilderness Council, he decides to build a playground. Doug reveals to him that because green slugs have controlled the council for years, the yellow slugs have never had a playground near their homes. Pastor and author Mika Edmondson and Randall a...

  • Friends in the Journey

    Randall, Doug, and Sparky are invited to perform at the annual Lightning Bug Dance in the sky, but if they’re going to give a concert at 5,000 ft., they’ll need a hot air balloon and a lot of careful planning! There’s not much space in the balloon basket, and Doug and Sparky can’t agree on what t...